Customer service at European airlines

I am not a snobbish person, nor am I particularly demanding as a traveller. But. When I pay a decent amount of money for a flight I do expect good customer care and -service. It’s a very basic thing. With all these internet bookings, I suppose less people work in customer service at the airlines, but when you make phone calls they should have enough phone staff so that they will actually be able to pick up a phone and answer your questions. Unfortunately, many of the airlines today can’t even offer this. The airlines that I get this kind of experience at never has me onboard their flight again.

Being sent back and forth

Then there are the ones that do pick up, but never seem to be able to have any answers for you. They’ll connect you back and forth but you’ll leave emptyhanded. You won’t know any better after your half-hour spent on the phone with them than you did before. They surely have something to work on…

Lufthansa is on fleek

My favourite European airline, when it comes to customer service and customer care, is Lufthansa. SAS is good as well, but nothing beats Lufthansa. They have well-articulated staff who answer your call quickly and usually has answers to your questions. I always try to fly with Lufthansa and their service mindedness is one big reason.

Which one is your favourite European airline?